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We help people like yourself making the right choices in the online industry. Many times we see the right intensions to make this happen, but does that give you the know-how on how to spend your time and money?


Back in March 2008, the world faced off with its biggest economic crisis to date. We launched The Campus Digital (under the local name of GIM) in 2009, with a mission: bring businesses back up their feet and thrive, with the help of a scientific approach. Scientific here because it’s something that can be reproduced and repeated. We call it the BCR2 method.


Having grown from 2 to 30 people in the worst economic environment, we have had the best school to master business. And now we’re here to help you overcome your struggles.


We don’t only advertise and built digital products, we also guide and consult serious people.

Are you serious yet?


We live by:

  • Providing “The Right Solution”
  • Educating you
  • Aim for you to grow, so we can grow
  • Honesty and transparency


Let’s do business.


Meet Our Team

Real People Creating Real Successes

Founder, CEO

Karolos Tsiligkirian

Senior Backend Developer

Kostas Karavolas

Support, Accounting

Rozy Tsiligkirian

Senior Full Stack Developer

George Varthalitis

Digital Marketing Director

Konstantinos Androutsos

SEO Expert

Kyriakos Zenios

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Dimitris Zacharakis

Digital Account Manager

Vasiliki Megremi

Senior Developer

Dimitris Laskaris

Junior Front End Developer

Kostas Moustos

Digital Designer

Christine Petroyianni

Digital Marketing Specialist

Vicky Tiakoudi

Senior Front End Developer

Leonidas Andreadis

Digital Marketing Specialist

Dimitris Kalaitzis

Digital Marketing

Manos Tzezairis

Raleigh House

Falkland Road, London NW5 2PP

tel: +44 20 8050 3031

Please fill out the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible!