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How We Make This Happen


At The Campus Digital we have created the BCR² methodology to recreate success over and over again. Businesses who have implemented our strategies are thriving still and continue to go strong. Discover our formula:

Market Research

Before anything else we have to understand what we are promoting, to what market we are promoting it and which are the best ways to reach them (via a website, eshop, Facebook ads, Google Ads, etc.). We believe this phase is critical for your success and therefore needs to be executed by experienced professionals.

Combining audits, market research and strategy we are able to prepare for the practical side of things.

Bring (Traffic)

Once the strategy has been determined and there is already an online presence, we then proceed with bringing qualified traffic to your website. How we bring traffic:

Having helped many businesses over the years, we not only have the academic and technical background, but also the hands-on experience to deliver quality traffic to your website.

Convert Visitors To Customers

When your website has a satisfactory number of visitors, we then look for ways to increase the conversion rate. Via:

We will be able to get more sales out of the same amount of people. Of course if we develop a website for you, we use best practises to have the best website experience before launching.

Retain & Repeat

"Buying a new customer" is much more expensive than selling to existing ones. Therefore, to help grow your business and become profitable in the long run, we'll assist you in promoting yourself to your already customers. You can do this via:


  • (Dynamic) Remarketing
  • Loyalty or rewards systems
  • Promotions
  • Tell a friend
  • Powerful branding and positioning
  • Plus all the techniques from the Convert phase.


And it doesn't just stop there! 

Finishing just one cycle will not be sustainable. The nice thing about spinning our wheel is that each cycle will be easier, cheaper and will give you a higher ROI (Return Of Investment). 

Case studies

To know what success looks like, check out our case studies!


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