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Last Updated On: 22/05/2019

How To Bring Customers Back Into Your Business

By The Campus Digital

So you have a business, but don’t know how to grow?

We will reveal 10 practical ways of how to bring customers into your business.

How we have picked them:

  • They must bring quick results.
  • You don’t need to be an expert at anything
  • Don’t take a lot of time or money

[Quick note] : For each way we have a separate blog post to elaborate further.

So, let’s get started..

First: Prepare Yourself

When you want to bring in more customers, you must first define what goal(s) you have for these customers. Of course you want more customers, but you need to be specific:

  • How many new customers do you want (can you provide your services and products to them if they come)?
  • What is your ideal customer?
  • Which products and services are you going to offer them? Which is valuable for them and has a good profit margin for you?
  • Which irresistible offer are you going to make to them? Think how they just can’t deny what you provide.

Key elements for that irresistible offer:

  • It’s a high ROI (Return of Investment). This can be financial return, but also timesaving, energy, emotional benefit, etc.
  • The customer must understand the ROI. This can be achieved by explaining it well.
  • Create something believable: “When it’s too good to be true, it usually is.” You can use surveys, customer reviews, testimonials, certificates, market standing and your brand to aid you. A strong guarantee helps a lot too!
  • The offer should pave the way for the next purchase, in order to increase the Average Customer Value (ACV).

Now that you have engineered your irresistible offer, you can strengthen the product by adding scarcity to it. You can do this by limiting the availability and/or time availability.

Let’s see you how we will send this irresistible offer to your ideal customer:

1. Newsletter

Email marketing is still one of the best and most direct ways to reach your audience. Of course you need an email marketing mechanism and an availability list of people familiar with your brand.

It’s fairly easy and quick to draft a convincing email and send it out. Additional tips on how to create better newsletter can be found on our blog and our free eBook.

And what if I have a small list (< 100 people)? To really get the most out of each contact, improve your personalisation. Send separate emails to each of your customers or prospects and tweak each email to the best of your ability.

2. Text Messaging (SMS)

Internet marketing is just a part of Digital Marketing. This means that you can easily send a text message to your (former) customers with a short and curiosity-awakening message. Provide a short link like to a well-crafted landing page, where you’re able to make that irresistible offer.

That’s it. You’re good to go!

3. Google Ads

If you don’t have an advertising campaign on Google, now is the time!

Just as you enter keywords in Google to find relevant information or products, you can put your business at the top via Google AdWords or appear on popular websites for relevant searches.

Additionally, you can advertise stronger to people that have already visited your website, which is called remarketing.

Do you already have a campaign set up? Discover the hidden opportunities:

  • Open your Google Ads account and open up the Ad Groups. Enable here the competitive metrics / Impression Share columns to see which impression share you have. Let’s say your campaigns are profitable, but your Impression share is just 50%, then double your budget to get a maximal performance!
  • Enable the Google Analytics / Average Time and Bounce Rate column to see which ads, keywords, and landing pages on your site are bringing visitors to your site and which ones are driving them off.
  • Enable the Conversions and Conversion Value column to see what eventually brought you the conversions.
  • Likewise stop the under-performing ones or reinforce them.
  • Create a new ad campaign only for your bid that will bring visitors to your site's landing page presenting the offer.

4. Facebook Ads

Create a Facebook advertising campaign that will bring visitors to a new tab on your Facebook page (something like a mini-site) where you will be presenting the offer. Alternatively, you can bring them to your site.

Another way is to use the common Banners that appear on the right-hand side on Facebook and/or use Sponsored Stories.

Or use beautiful photos to post on your Facebook Page and then advertise it (with the button below: Boost this post) as long as the photo has less than 20% text!

A strong way is to make a Facebook contest and use the appropriate Facebook Application, so besides the likes you can also get the name and email of your new Fan, so you can re-engage with them via email marketing, as mentioned before.

Watch who you are targeting (age, gender, region, interests). And a little tip: target the people who have already liked and/or followed your page, it usually works really well!

5. SEO

With Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools you can see which keywords you rank for. When you have identified the most interesting ones, optimize your SEO game in order to even further boost your ranking and automatically get more traffic.

For instance, you could have a keyword that ranks you in the 11th place. By doing a minimal effort you can crank it up to the 5th place, which could lead to 3x the amount of clicks.


YouTube is improving its advertisement capabilities drastically over the last few months. For instance, you can now easily target specific ages and gender in a certain country, with specific interests and watch history.

This way you can bring highly relevant video ads in front of other videos to spread your reach. Upload them via Google AdWords.

7. Improve Your Website

Your website has a specific amount of traffic each month. Have you thought of anything you could do immediately to convert those visitors?

What you could do:

One way to increase your Conversion Rate is to think about how to improve your headline. After all, the headline of each page is the most important element.

If the headline is not "catchy" they are likely not going to read your offer, get bored and leave.

Another super important element on your page is your call to action (CTA)! A lot of websites don’t have a CTA at all, so how people are going to take action?

Specify what people should do and when. Make sure it stands out and has a good contrast with the layout of your website.

8. Phone Calls

You don’t immediately have to allocate your precious time to cold-calling, this can be very tiring. But you might be able to reactivate old customers or reach out to people that have already left their phone number.

Present your irresistible offer in a compact but attractive way and meet your qualified prospects face-to-face. Make sure to have your elevator pitch ready when they come over!

Have you done previous offers? Reach out to those that didn’t take up the old offer and present them with your new polished one.

What we would recommend though is using a CRM like HubSpot, Zoho or Freshsales to keep everything nicely organized. You wouldn’t want to end up calling the same people.

9. Mail

Though email is great, the value has been reduced over time because of its overuse.

If you have the living address of your prospects, you can actually send them a letter, presenting your offer. I can promise you: people love this.

Make sure it’s easy to get back to you by proving a sign-up, a form or have them call you / you call them back.

Do not be afraid of following up with another letter or phone call. It could be they were just too busy or distracted to take you up on the offer, but are ready to convert.

10. Organise An Event

You can organise an event to invite new and old customers to re-engage and maybe even to (re)convert. It’s one of the best opportunities to present yourself and offer your new products and services.

Share tips and tricks, your company’s growth, exciting stories etc. for a maximum engagement.

See how you can leverage your online and offline network to promote your event, so more people can meet or discover you.

Final Word

Leveraging some or even all the above will increase your traffic and conversions. Do not underestimate the value of old customers and keeping in touch with prospective customers.

Take the bull by its horns and grow your business! Needless to say: if you’re struggling with digital marketing, feel free to contact us.

Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive more great tips on how to perform better (practice what you preach, no?).


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