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Last Updated On: 24/05/2019

Facebook Page Likes | 7 Effective Ways To Get Them

By The Campus Digital

Reading this means you either don’t have enough Facebook Page likes or you’re doing it the wrong way.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to get more Facebook Page likes?

Each page owner wants the same: to grow.

Let’s get you jump-started with our 7 effective ways on how to get those, shall we?

What? Why?

A Facebook Page like is not just a number: this is actually a person. Sure, they help in social proof for other prospects, but that additional like could actually become a loyal customer.

Make sure to nurture it well.

Via Facebook you have an additional communication channel to help people by your products or services. And we all know by now that omnichannel marketing is the way to go.

So how -do- we get more likes?

1. Facebook Contests

Setting up a professional Facebook Contest is probably the easiest way of getting new page likes.

It is true that Facebook banned using contests to like your page in return to participate and therefore claimed to have completely died off.

However, this is not the case.

A contest continues to bring engagement and brand awareness when done well. You can instead use Facebook posts on your timeline to turn into a contest. When people like your message, most likely they will end up liking your page as well.

For instance TripAdvisor asks its readers on a weekly basis to send their best vacation photo  or vote for the “Travelers Photo Of The Week”… and with incredible results too:

Apart from informing your current fans via your Facebook page, you can create banners and promote those via Boost Posts and entering your contest in sweepstake directories for a bigger reach.

If you have a website, make sure to include an add or banner for yourself to promote your contest. That way you can really maximize your exposure. Easy right?

What’s next?

2. Discount Coupons

People love coupons.

Even a 10% discount could incentive your people to buy. The only thing they need to do is giving that like to become happy shoppers.

There are multiple 3rd party services like Woobox and Wishpond that offer applications to create Facebook vouchers via pop-ups to swap a like for a coupon.

And again, don’t forget to spread this love on your other channels like your website, email, etc.

3. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are one of the most effective ways to ensure increasing likes. Of course this is completely dependent on how you set up your targeting. Just think “What kind of person would like what I offer?”

Advertising on the Facebook platform allows you to choose who will see your banner in their newsfeed, unlike traditional advertisement. This doesn’t mean that everyone will be interested in your business, but the better targeting and the greater the lure, the better results you will create.

A way we personally love is Boost Posts. Either create or choose a highly engaging post and boost it, instead of using regular FB ads. This way your post will be spread more to your current fans, friends of these friends and your targeted audience.

Overall Facebook ads are effective and cost-efficient solutions for getting new likes, but also to achieve your strategic goals.

No experience with Facebook marketing? Or it’s not performing so well? Our specialists will surely help you in achieving your goals.

4. Like Buttons On Your Website

More often than not we see clients not having any “like button” integrated on their websites.

By adding a button on your website, you can have your visitors like your Facebook page, without having to switch over to another website. Can’t remember the last time meeting someone who doesn’t like convenience, so integrate it even today!

Place it somewhere visible, but non-intrusive. It will not get you thousands of likes, but people that like what you have to say probably will look for it anyway.

5. Improve Profile

Your Facebook Page is the first thing they will see when they visit you via the Facebook platform. Make sure it looks neat!

Some tips:


Cover Photo


  • Design a cover photo with dimensions 820 x 360 pixels, but keep the core in the safe zone.
  • Use imagery and text related to your company, product or services and nothing else.
  • Update your cover photo per season or when you have an offer they need to know about.


Profile Picture

Though the cover photo draws the attention, people will see your profile picture the most.

  • Use square images instead of rectangular ones.
  • Use 180 x 180 pixels for your dimensions (do note that it will look like 160 x 160 and decreases even more in size when you for instance place a comment).



An incomplete or misleading “About” section can reduce your page likes. The about section is different depending on how you have set up your page in the beginning, but fill out all details and stay true.

You have 155 characters for the short description, but we recommend going for 100 characters to keep it short and comprehensive. You can even add your website URL.

6. Invite Your Network

When creating a Facebook Page invite your friends to Like. This may not bring a lot of links, but this initial support will give you a boost and credibility. Not everyone will do so, but perhaps you can send them a nice personal message to ask them (refrain from spamming)?

To do this: open your Facebook Page and click on the 3 dots and click on “Invite Friends”.

Leverage your email signature to add a button and use any form of communication to spread your page.

7. Engaging Facebook Posts

Facebook is a social community.

Regularly posting entertaining or informational updates will not bring hundreds of likes each time, however they provide the value and will provide you with an increasing amount of fans.

The new algorithm update (2018) basically focusses around posts to get traction that spark a dialogue. This practically means comments, shares and likes. So optimize your posts to do just that to get more exposure.



  • Pictures and videos: Pictures do better than text, videos do better than pictures and live videos do better than regular videos. But this doesn’t mean you need to live video all the time, use a variety.
  • Copy: keep your messages around 80 characters.
  • Use questions instead of not using questions.
  • 1-4 times a week posting does better than posting every day.


All this can be hard work. If you need some help with managing your Facebook Page, feel free to ask us what we can do for you.

Have a great day!


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