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Last Updated On: 24/05/2019

How To Increase Your Facebook Community | Facebook Contest

By The Campus Digital

There is a quicker way...

Posting, replying and advertising take a lot of time and money. For sure they help in growing your Facebook community, but there is a quicker way…

Any business, small or big, wants the same thing: exposure.

Facebook contests are a proven way of getting that instant boost. Having run several contests, we’d like to share our experiences with you.

Before We Begin

Often we get the question if these new fans actually become customers at a point? Or are they just to pick up the freebie and leave?

“Some time ago pop-up websites with a 24-hour lifespan were a hype, now contest are in fashion. ”

But is it really just in fashion?

The purpose of this article is not providing you with a boring step-by-step tutorial on how to do so, but rather determining what you want to achieve with it and if it’s suitable for your business.

Increase Outcome Of A Facebook Contest

For starters when you post on your timeline, less than 10% of your fans will actually get to see this post.

We need something extra to get traction.

Make use of that subscribers list and phone contacts to inform your community about the contest to get additional exposure.

Of course there are several other ways of getting more customers into your business, so the more channels you approach, the bigger reach you will have. Don’t just rely on Facebook alone…

Beside that we can take advantage of the social character of Facebook and the ease and speed at which something valuable can spread virally.

How you can use this:

One method of using the Facebook contest is to have access requested to post on the participant’s timeline. This way you can post something like “I just took part in this contest so I can win this X gift”.

Using this, his or her friends could be triggered to participate as well and thus having your contest spread like wildfire.

Averagely each person has 150+ friends.

Do the math.

Another way of getting the most out of the contest is by having the participants fill out contact information, which you can then repurpose for another of follow-up campaign.



Each of these tactics are proven to work and there are enough case studies to prove its usefulness.

Of course, the better your campaign, the better it will perform. Make sure to make the most out of your campaign by following up Social Media and Email marketing and maybe even SMS marketing.


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