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DC Security is a leader in home and office security. Offering high-quality products and services, they have been providing safe homes since 1996. From installation to fire detectors, you can rely on DC Security.

DC Security

Organic Traffic (in 6 months)
100 -> 1
Keyword ranking "alarm installation"
54 -> 2
Keyword ranking "house alarms"


SEO Audit, Search Engine Optimisation, Content Marketing and Web Design & Development
The new SEO strategies we use are a part of our overall Content Marketing strategy.

The Bet

When we started our initial market research, we quickly came to the conclusion that this was a very competitive market! Although DC Security has been around for many years, their new competitors had already done serious SEO work. We knew, right away, that this was going to be hard to break into!

The Target

To get DC Security on the first page of Google for many different sector-related keywords. With the new corporate website, we wanted to increase the conversions (leads).

The Solution

Smart SEO and An Engaging Website


Our specialty lies in SEO research: we find the missed keywords and leverage those weak spots to get fast results. Simultaneously, we developed a new corporate website that boosted website engagement. This resulted in more time on site and Google understood quickly that the new website of DC Security delivers an amazing user experience. 


Getting traffic is one thing. Doing something with that traffic is something else. After researching the audience, we understood that people were looking for various features on the website which were missing. Our skilled developers built new modules to deliver on that. The result was a staggering +100% increase in conversions! 

The Results

Not to compete, but to dominate


Increase in organic traffic in only 6 months!


Increase in conversions. 

↑ Keywords

House Alarms: 54th ➤ 2nd
Shop Alarms: 74th ➤ 2nd
Alarm system: 100th ➤ 3rd
Alarm installation: 100th ➤ 1st
Alarm maintenance: 100th ➤ 1st

With DC Security we had the opportunity to start from scratch, which allowed us to get these amazing results. Often trying to fix something is less rewarding, than making it from the start. This way we could target the keywords we wanted and deliver something that people actually were using. And that is all that Google cares about: be an amazing experience.

Raleigh House

Falkland Road, London NW5 2PP

tel: +44 20 8050 3031

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