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Dioptra is one of the largest and most famous publishing houses in Greece, housing countless of successful best sellers and various collaboration with well-known writers.


Increase in organic traffic
Decrease in Google Ads CPC
ROI in Google Ads
Increase in Conversion


SEO Audit, Search Engine Optimisation, Google Ads, SEO & Ecommerce consulting and Conversion Rate Optimisation.
With a smart approach you can optimise everything. We have never come across a project that couldn't be improved. Dioptra is our living proof of that.

The Bet

Dioptra is not a small player. They wanted more sales, while reducing the budget on advertising. We said: this can be done! Although we need some freedom here to do so. They agreed.

The Target

Get more paid and organic traffic, convert more of that traffic into buyers and teach / consult their marketing team how to use Google Ads in a smart way, so they could take over in the long run.

The Solution

Multi Marketing, Single Objective

Dioptra wanted to gain more, while spending less. In marketing this is rare. But this didn't refrain us from taking on this project.


The most fun aspect of this collaboration is that the employees were really interested and engaged in our developments. We have held several private seminars to showcase how it's done and have provided a learning platform so their in-house marketing team could take over eventually.

The Results

Knowledge is not just in books


ROI in Google Ads


CPC of the Google Ad Campaigns


Sales from Google Ads


Sales from SEO

Our key achievement was getting the e-shop of the 1st page of Google for all the competitive keywords, but also to improve the quality and quantity of the Google AdWords, resulting in a higher ROI. Thanks to the carte blanche we had, we were able to spend their budget in the best way and make them more money than they had spent.

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