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Gripped Fitness Audio dedicates their entire business for the fitness fanatics and enthusiasts. They provide super-stylish, yet durable headphones and earphones. Only founded in 2015, yet already boosting +57K followers on Instagram!


Ahrefs Ranking
Backlinks (in 4 months)
Organic Traffic (in 4 months)
Increase In Revenue


SEO Audit, Search Engine Optimisation, Local SEO, Competitor Research, Web 2.0 sites
SEO is changing rapidly. This works in our advantage, because we can stay on top of it.

The Bet

In marketing there is something called to 80/20 rule, meaning 20% of the businesses get 80% of the customers. Gripped was just starting out in 2015, so they were late in the game (plus having competitors like Beats, Bose Headphones, etc.) And on top of that, they don't just sell audio devices in general, but for a very specific niche: fitness fanatics! But this was not an issue for us, because we know how to SEO.

The Target

With a limited budget, we needed to get Gripped ranking quickly and making serious revenue in 4 months time. With the help of our overall content marketing strategy, we were able to boost the SEO seriously in just 4 months time!

The Solution

Full-Scale SEO Campaigns!

Having done a serious keyword research and finding the potential for Gripped, we launched several initiatives to get the rankings up and thus creating more organic traffic consistently.


Our solution consisted of optimising the website for the desired keywords (on-page SEO), creating Web 2.0 sites, forum profiles, social bookmarks, personal publishing accounts and creating a high-level back-linking profile.

The Results

Gripped Needed Success. We Got:



Ahrefs Ranking Climb (in 4 months)


Backlinks (in 4 months)


Organic Traffic (in 4 months)


Increase In Revenue (in 4 months)

Because SEO is such a playful area, where only the most-adaptive marketers can continue to book successes, we were able to deliver amazing results for Gripped and this kicked off a fruitful relationship for both Gripped, as The Campus Digital. Success is re-creatable!

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