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Social Media Marketing

Are you monetising your social media yet? Maybe you're not aware of it, but...  doing social without a clear goal really is just a waste of time.

Most likely you're not on the social platforms yet or it feels like a burden. What if you could turn the table?

Expect to achieve...

  • Growth in your business
  • Earn money by spending it
  • A trustworthy partner
"I bought a site from The Campus Digital. What attracted me was their corporate website and direct contact with the CEO."
Andreas Kalogeropoulos

Search Engine Optimisation

On August 6, 1991 mankind published the first website Fast forward: as of January 2019 we now have 1.94 billion websites.

Google alone processes between 7-10 billion search queries... a DAY!

Between all that noise is You. And we know how people can find you online. 

Expect to anticipate

  • More traffic
  • More leads
  • More sales
"My new website is beautiful, easy to use and does what it needs to do. I'm very pleased with the services from The Campus Digital!"
Savvas Chatzikonstantis

Google Ads

We call them spear tips : with Google advertising -when done the right way- you can penetrate any market, no matter your size.

Looking for immediate results? ➡ Google Ads
What about valuable market insights? ➡ Google Ads
Or maybe for cost-effective ads? ➡ Google Ads

Expect to receive

  • Incoming sales
  • Almost instant results
  • Transparency
"They really know what they're talking about. They explained to me what the fees would get me. They are doing SEO for me and I have already a positive ROI!"
Konstantinos Anastassakis

Conversion Rate Optimisation

So you have gone through all the trouble getting new people to your website... but nothing happens.

Why is that?

Most likely your website needs improvement. CRO is not an exact science, but because of experience, marketing and human psychology we are able to fix that. 

Expect to discover

  • More conversions
  • Better UI/UX
  • Smarter choices
"I loved the direct, efficient and professional service. I hope they will continue to grow and help businesses like me!"
Panagiotis Tsaggaris


Before doing anything else, we strategise our moves . Every campaign we launch has its own mini marketing plan.

After all, we want to serve you in the best possible way.


Once we know what we need to do, we use our expertise to tweak your campaigns to get the best performance out of every euro or dollar spent.

Doing it well, right from the start, will ensure your budget well spent.


Price and demand are ever changing, so do your campaigns.

Eyes like hawks: we closely monitor your ads to spot opportunities and cancel out leaking holes.

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