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Revenues in the fashion industry world-wide amounted to $481 billion. Market researches have anticipated this to go up to $731B in 2022.

So yes, there are more eshops out there, but the pie is getting bigger too! 


  • How to get a piece of the ever-growing pie
  • What you need in order to thrive
  • How smart tech helps grow your revenue
"I bought a site from The Campus Digital. What attracted me was their corporate website and direct contact with the CEO."
Andreas Kalogeropoulos


Do you remember the days people would go to a travel expert and how relatively "easy" it was to impress and sell to travel-curious people?

The exotic destinations are less exotic now due to the infinite access to information. So how do you transform your agency to stay competitive?


  • New horizons
  • What challenges you're facing
  • And how to overcome them
"I loved the direct, efficient and professional service. I hope they will continue to grow and help businesses like me!"
Panagiotis Tsaggaris


Running B2B is not easy and is only successful when partnering up with strong players.

New tech makes it possible for business-to-business to scale in an unprecedented way, but because they are usually larger companies, you can't just experiment and hope for the best. You need a strong partner.


  • A whole-package solution
  • A reliable partner
  • Untapped growth opportunities
"Generally, I'm very pleased with The Campus Digital. You're awesome!"
Konstantinos Tenenius


Fast Moving Consumer Goods is all about delivering a seamless experience in high volumes. Your platform needs to be top-notch, flexible and always available. Coupled with a strong digital marketing plan, you will be in the high-volume business, successfully. 

Discover what...

  • Challenges you are facing
  • Successful FMCG platforms have
  • Else you need
"My new website is beautiful, easy to use and does what it needs to do. I'm very pleased with the services from The Campus Digital!"
Savvas Chatzikonstantis

Rent A Car

We travel more than ever, so the need for renting increases. But how do you compete against larger companies, who are seemingly dominating the market? The only wise thing is to close books... or to use a smart platform that is optimised for creating additional revenue.


  • How to compete and thrive
  • Our smart solution
  • How to be flexible in your vertical

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